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Computer Science a year ago

Career Advise (How to find good tech startups?)

Im currently an entry level software developer at an insurance company making 60k a year. I graduate next semester with 2 Bachelors degrees in Computer Information Systems & Supply Chain Management. I don't currently find the work I do fast paced enough and Im not making that much money. I dont want to get stuck at a dead end job for the next 30 years of my life either. The job however is remote and very flexible.

What should I do?
- keep my job & go to RIT (fully paid) and pursue a degree in either Computing Security or Software Engineering

- Stay at my current job and try to build passive income through real estate or look for another oppertunity

- Find a new job that pays more, maybe in technology/supply chain consulting

Advise would be greatly appricated on the degree of possiblility for all of my options. Also if anyone has recommendations of other paths that I might find interesting I would be happy to hear them.

zumba29Computer Science at The Ohio State Universitya year ago
Don't fall into the trap of more school. You definitely don't need it at all. Grind interview prep and look for jobs, market is tough right now but still possible. That's all you need.



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