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November Market Update 🎢

New November members -- Welcome!

Update (10/14):

  • Amazon starting 10,000 layoffs this week (10/14)
  • Meta slashes 13% of staff (11,000)
  • Lyft cuts 13% of it's staff (650)
  • Stripe slashes 14% of it's employees (1120)
  • Twitter cut 50% (3250)
  • OpenDoor cut 18% (550)
  • Chime dinged 12% of staff (160)
  • Upstart announced 7% (140)
  • Intel (20%)
  • Snap (20%)
  • Robinhood (30%)

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The market has slowed down drastically over the last few weeks as earnings reports from major tech companies show little signs of improvement. Meta’s recent earnings call revealed massive losses that explain the hiring freeze we’re seeing there:

  • a second straight quarterly revenue decline and is forecasting another drop in the fourth quarter.
  • The company’s Reality Labs division, which houses its VR headsets, lost over $9 billion in the first three quarters.
  • The stock plunged after already losing two-thirds of its value so far this year

Besides Meta, companies like Snap, Microsoft, and Google have had their fair share of slumping performance as inflation drives consumer spending down negatively impacting advertising spend across the board. Quiet layoffs at Meta are expected to impact more than 12,000 people with other companies like Oracle already making changes.

New “Chief Twit” , Elon Musk, has decided on what is expected to be a first round of layoffs, targeting about 20-25% of staff- from sales, product, and engineering to legal, and trust and safety. Based on our data, Twitter stands to save at least $150,000,000 from a 20% staff cut of engineering alone, assuming an average salary for SWE II of $250,000. We’ll see what the final number looks like in the weeks ahead.

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Dako7aJSoftware Engineer a year ago
Is this why I haven’t heard back from the recruiters I was working with? It’s been 3 weeks…
JocelyeeProduct Designer a year ago
Same. I saw that people were referring to the “slow down” as complete freeze now. Worst timing possible. My contract job ends next month and I was hoping to be on a team FT by January. Hope we hear back soon 🤞