NamiKhan in  
Software Engineer a year ago

It’s #auctober and I have adhd. Tips for concentration plz

I’m a new CS graduate and started my first job early this year.  I’m having a lot of trouble working from home because I can’t concentrate. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to manage time or any tips on how to be successful working from home? I take meds and have tried coffee but i feel like it makes things worse with añxiety. 
damienraynsSoftware Engineer a year ago
First thing I do is take my meds (vyvance 60mg) regularly and take medication fasts every other weekend. I try to keep my system from getting too concentrated with them so the cleanse helps regulate imo I write everything down and keep it organized in one place-- tasks, action items, project points of contact, etc. At first I used a notebook but if I forgot it I was lost for the day and lost a lot of productive time. I've since moved to using Apple Notes for managing information like this-- along with calendar notifications through my companies internal scheduling client. I comment a ton in working code to remember my train of thought. But always clean it up before pushing changes up stream. In a lot of ways, the way I keep my code manageable is just normal clean code practices. Clear and intuitive naming, modular functionality with clear scope, etc. Be careful of tunnel vision. Sometimes worse than being unable to focus is being too focused. I can sit down for 13 hours if the problem is interesting enough, but that is often to the detriment of other work I should be doing and i have a tendency to refactor large swaths of working code to match my train of thought-- this can be (a) a time sink and (b) dangerous-- as it may affect other pieces of the software if I don't do it carefully. Hyper focus is actually a bad thing sometimes.