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Software Engineerย 2 years ago

Transitioning to Different Roles

For those currently in development roles, do you see yourself changing to a different tech role? And if you have transitioned roles, what was the process like? How did the idea start and how did you execute the idea?

Currently a frontend developer but I think I want to transition to a different role down the line (so that I don't get too comfortable with one area of software development) but I really have no idea what I could possibly do!

There's also the fear that I might not like the new role and just regret it and then burnout.

whatsappSoftware Engineerย atย Facebook2 years ago
I think its different if you're switching job families entirely (Software Engineer -> Product Management for example) than if you switch disciplines within one. Switching within one can be fairly straightforward and your prior experience can likely still help you to get the role as long as they are somewhat tangential. A full stack dev role is pretty nice for this reason, it gives you a lot of horizontal flexibility to specialize into things you might be more interested on as you go through your career
GlassesDudeSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
I think I would want to try product management later down the line. Even though I like coding, I want to try to see the whole picture from business to tech. Are full stack devs usually more senior devs? In my firm, most of the juniors are either backend or frontend. The seniors and leads are supppperrr full stack. Still kinda new to the industry so I apologize if this sounds ignorant.