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Computer ScienceΒ 10 months ago

Internship Stipend disparity

I got an offer for a summer internship a while back. I wasnt really happy about the pay but still I accepted it cus well I was happy to atleast get an offer. But recently I found out that someone else got the same internship in the same team for a higher pay. Would it be wise to ask the HR about the pay? And what are the chances that I get a pay hike provided that I never negotiated my stipend in the first place.Β 
qwertyCoderSoftware EngineerΒ atΒ Amazon10 months ago
Often times internship pay is standardized based on experience level (ex. sophomore vs junior or PhD vs Master). I'd try to figure out if the other person has a different experience level. If not that you can bring it up to HR but I wouldn't make a big deal about it as the real money is when you go full-time.
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