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Founderย 2 years ago

Founders, how do you feel about the $350M wework founder got?

Personally, I'm shocked but also not shocked? I think there's a general perception from the public that he was a bad founder and that it's irresponsible to give someone who failed so greatly more money.

On the flip side, I think the fact that wework got as large as it was speaks to his saavy and ambition to build big. I dont think the movie gave a lot of credit to the advisors (or lack there of) so if a16z is going to be more hands on, it's a wombo combo for success. If he was capable of raising, building, and squandering so much before, he should know better right?

Meanwhile there are founders who are trying to raise, have traction in the market and without launching a single product, this guy gets this fat check? It's a slap in the face and feels pretty biased.

startandstopFounderย 2 years ago
I found this take really interesting: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:share:6965292718394597377/ tldr: If you put aside Adam's terrible character reputation aside, it's an ambitious idea run by someone who's delivered (albeit questionably) on ambitious problems in the past. Real estate is hard to go wrong with as much. Even if the tech fails the assets remain valuable.