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Comp Increase for Manager

Hi I work in SF bay area and will be moving internally into a manager role within the next few months. I work for a 1B+ revenue private company.

I was hoping to get some insight into:

1) Best way to negotiate compensation increase for internal promotion to management

2) What are some reasonable asks for comp increases working at a private company?

Thanks all!
anusernameSoftware Engineering Manager a year ago
Don't stress about it. Asking for salary does not undermine your credibility or reputation. This is part of normal process for everyone and totally normal. Everyone understands that pay is a part of bi-directional relationship between employer and employee. But before you do ask: - Make your research - Know what you want and why. Have a story highlighting why you believe your contribution is underpaid. - Be prepared that company cannot give you what you ask. What is next? Last. Moving to a manager role in most companies is not a promotion, but rather lateral move. In fact, for you, it is most likely gonna be an entry-level job for a while. You will move from a good engineer to a pretty mediocre manager for sometime. There's nothing in this move that needs to be overcompensated compared to your previous role. Company would be investing in you for a year before you get back to the same management productivity as you were as an engineer. So if you believe your contributions in new role would outperform your pay - ask manager. But be ready to hear above.
ZephyRSoftware Engineer a year ago
Great feedback, thank you very much!



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