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Tech Job Market in 2023 ?

[HELP] Hey, level.fyi community. I need your help in making a big life decision.

I'm currently an SDE 3 (6ys exp) at a reputed startup in my country and am planning to pursue a 1-year professional master's in the US starting August 2022.

I'll be graduating in July 2023, but given the recession alarms and the economic downturns, I'm not sure if it's a great idea anymore to spend $60k for tuition and graduate during a possible recession when there would be a lot of uncertainty in terms of job opportunities.

I don't doubt my technical skills as a software engineer and will have ample time to prepare for tech interviews over the next 1 year. My only skepticism is the uncertainty of the situation.

Can anyone share any advice ?

P.S- My flight is in 3 days :(

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qwertyCoderSoftware Engineerย atย Amazon2 years ago
Masters isn't very valuable at most tech companies unless you're in a specialty (ex. machine learning). If you're doing it for immigration that's a different reason. From a compensation / career growth perspective you're better off just working a few more years. At every company I've been at Masters / Bachelors and sometimes even PhD's are treated the same.