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Company Salary Expectations

It seems like, outside of Big Tech and startups, companies have unrealistically low salary ranges, particularly for those with more experience.

I have a BS in Computer Science, over 30 years of distinguisged development experience, completing numerous complex projects, and raving reviews from former bosses and coworkers.

Yet as I search for a new position, unless I  take the Big Tech or startup route, I'm finding most are looking to pay $100-130k, with a few in the $150k+ range. I'm at a little under $160k and looking for $180-200k. My current employer has made it clear that I've topped out. Many Big Tech companies pay that much straight out of college. I've been in six figures for over 25 years. I should be higher than this at this point in my career.

Where are the companies that reward experience and contribution? I know I can make a huge difference somewhere.

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BrooklynBrokeBusiness Analyst  
Maybe you should contract work and charge 200 an hour if you have specialized knowledge. Banks will a lot for a contractor with a very specialized skillset.
ABCDsSoftware Engineer  
Thats not really how it works. Banks, utilities, some government agencies, etc will pay 200 to 400 an hour only if it's a single throat to choke with deep reserves to bail things out when they go South and 1/2"the time they do on these large waterfall like projects. It is somewhat expected. That's why they're paying the larger rates. You can tag along with one of these jobs but you'll get 1/2 to 2/3 the rate. So that looks closer to a 100 to a 175 an hour. They won't pay you direct except in extreme circumstances where you have contacts and/or otherwise do most of the sales marketing piece which for a large place like a bank can take a year or more to get in the door.



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