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IBM Data Analyst Offer

Like the title says, I recieved an offer to work for IBM as a data analyst out of one of their CICs. I currently work as a data analyst for a different compay doing automation, ETL, reporting, and basic ML. I'm happy with my job and have a great team but the company's name and reputation may not carry as much weight as a company like IBM.ย 

IBM would be a pay bump, but would require a significant amount of travel and commuting which would offset any pay increase. The main motivation for moving to a company like IBM would be using it as a resume builder. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with IBM? Does a company's name on a resume really even matter? From talking to the IBM team my day to day work would be very similiar to what I'm doing now.ย 
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I'm currently working for IBM so I think I can answer.

(note: experience at IBM might vary from country to country, so take what I say with a grain of salt)

After covid, IBM was very open to remote/hybrid work, you might want to check if this is possible.

I am full time WFH atm since our client doesn't require us on location and IBMs building is in another city for me.

As for the resume builder part, it really does matter. Colleagues that I worked with are already on new positions on other companies getting very well paid.

IBM provides a lot of useful training tools and, for the most part, you can meet really experienced people that will share their knowledge with you.

You can also shift careers internally really easily.

IBMs is well known for its relaxed atmosphere with very low controlling managers. If you do what you are supposed to and report your problems/mistakes early to management you'll have no problems.

As for the bad:

- Sometimes you can fell forgotten and get frustrated with your self development since you are supposed to do it mostly alone.

- From time to time you deal with spoiled employees that see themselfs as the best thing in the world.

- You might fell pressured when your work demand is high and you have a bunch of training and certifications to keep up to date.

- Managers sometimes just don't want or can't manage you since they have their own projects/demands and also manage 5 to 10 people too.

- Promotions are a pain to ask since upper management has to approve and they don't know you.

That's mostly it.
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Only thing I would add to this is that IBM is pretty stable as a company when compared to other big tech firms like Meta or even Amazon. The performance has been pretty steady over the last few years. You can't go wrong with making the move unless big company culture is not your thing.



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