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College Student Advice DS, SWE,M/L


I am computer sci student and am unsure on what to pursue, I am leaning more towards DS or ML. Does these 2 topics go together? Do i need to know SWE to be a DS or ML Enginner? Is it harder to get in this field? How is the career progression? Do I need a phD or masters during my career to move up?

WentbackwardSoftware Engineering Manager  
ML is heavily statistical and is really leans more towards maths (if you want to learn it properly and actually have a future). DS can be fairly tedious, as you generally spend lots of time cleaning data. The rewards of DS is data driven insights and you might find your vocation in scrubbing data and searching for those insights which hopefully drive some productive outcome. ML/DS/Frontend/backend all have considerable openings in the job markets and thus you should really try them and then follow your passion.
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thank you I think i will start in frontend and then go to backend and then learn ML.



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