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Project Managerย a year ago

Round three tech assignment - advice

I passed the first two rounds of interviews with a mid-sized start-up and they've asked me to do a skills assessment next. It consists of three challenges and I'm very comfortable with two of scenarios.

The one I need advice for is this. They've asked me to create a go-to-market workflow for marketing a major product launch. They've submitted the assumptions I need to build it out.

The team shared that they use Asana as a PM tool so I was thinking of creating my work there and submitting a link for them to review.

Thoughts on this? Should I create a diagram from scratch instead?

Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
bdy104Product Managerย a year ago
Do a mock up. I wouldn't waste time bulding the whole thing out unless you get the impression they care about the granular details. Did they give you a timeframe for submission?
UniqueTechie4Project Managerย a year ago
Thank you! I have 7 biz days to complete.



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