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Computer Science a year ago

Immigration work authorization issue

I am currently pursuing CS degree and will graduate in May 2024. I was born in india but got adopted in USA by my step parents. Due to COVID, my immigration process is delayed and because of that I cannot get my work authorization. I am also not a USA citizen yet. Consequently, I cannot get any interships because all internships require work authorization in USA. 
Now when I graduate, and if I have my work auhtorization by May 2024, I will not have any internships, which is a disadvantage if i want to get a job. I feel like that is a little unfair.
What should i do ? Should i let the recruiters know somehow ?
GSSoftware Engineering Manager a year ago
What is your current immigration status?
If you are on student visa then you can work on OPT/CPT for up to I think ~33 months or so.
aayush2403pComputer Science at Wayne State Universitya year ago
My current immigration status is pending. My case is being actively reviewed by USCIS.
I know it is a little confusing. But my immigration case is weird.
Here is a link about exact details of how I will receive my green card: https://www.alllaw.com/articles/nolo/us-immigration/adopt-undocumented-illegal-immigrant-get-green-card.html