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Don't be Meta or Google: How to tell workers they need to be more productive

Idc what anyone says, there’s no standard way to measure productivity in software tech companies and this surveillance monitoring culture only makes tech more cut throat.

At Meta, Zuckerberg wants to “turn the heat up” because apparently there are some Metamates who shouldn’t be there. The situation is similar at Google, where Sundar Pichai said employees need to work with “greater urgency, sharper focus, and more hunger than we’ve shown on sunnier days.” It's a nice way to crack the whip because the economy tanked? I dont think that falls on worker productivity. That falls on world affairs, politics, and climate change.

The best way to measure productivity is to work with managers to create those standards of performance for each individual. Everyone has gifts on top of the core competency they were hired for. Spend the time to align the business goals and the people development goals. When people are happy and feel like they are being considered in company decisions, everyone wins. They work harder, more efficiently, and retain longer.

Can You Really Measure Individual Developer Productivity? - Ask the EM

Can You Really Measure Individual Developer Productivity? - Ask the EM

A reader asks a question that comes up at some point in every engineer's and engineering manager's career, where their manager, or the one above will pop the question. Can you measure engineering productivity? And if so, how can we measure it right now? They ask: I work as an

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It’s worse with freelancing. It’s not easy.