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September Layoffs Update

Firms that have announced layoffs since the beginning of September include:

  • Gap, which lost $49 million in the latest quarter, is cutting 500 corporate positions.
  • Real-estate brokerage Compass announced its second round of layoffs in three months, an unspecified amount of cuts.
  • Cloud communications platform Twilio is laying off about 850 employees in a cost-cutting move. ... Another San Francisco-based company, real-estate marketplace Sundae, is going through a second round of layoffs in three months, according to LinkedIn members.
  • Cell-therapy biotech Rubius Therapeutics is doing a strategic 180, pulling the plug on its two lead candidates and cutting 75% of its workforce.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery laid off about 100 employees, mostly in its ad sales unit, according to The New York Times.
  • Patreon is laying off 17% of its staff, about 80 employees, days after disbanding its five-person security team.

Source: By Bobby Armstrong, Editor at LinkedIn News

JuniperBBackend Software Engineer a year ago
Wow, I didn't know Twilio laid people off. When did that happen???
LevelsModTechnical Writer at Levels.fyia year ago