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Full-Stack Software Engineer 2 years ago

Europe pay gap between contractors and in-house employees?

There seems to be a remarkable pay gap in Europe between what an employee might make, and what the same person might readily make as an hourly-billed contractor, of about 300-400%, even when contracted in a position permanently. Of course some more risks and costs are associated with contracting, specifically in countries with comfortable labor laws for employees, but the gap seems to be much bigger than the value of these things. Who can shed some light on this effect? 
vTK7mpL4CpXfnpSFbcBackend Software Engineer 2 years ago
This is correct, at least from my experience in France. A company I previously worked for had hired a freelancer to produce the alpha version of a mobile application for iOS and Android. He had roughly billed us 10,000€ for a 4 week delivery deadline, while someone with similar experience as his (about 8y) would have realistically only earned 4k€ a month pre-tax in that city. It’s definitely an interesting occurrence