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How to pass hiring manager PM interviews

I recently resigned from a startup and am interviewing now for Senior PM roles. I've gotten a good amount of interviews, and always get past the recruiter phone screens but can't seem to get past the hiring manager interviews. 

I have a little over 4 years professional experience in product (started as an APM for 2 years, PM for 1 year, Senior/Lead PM for 1.5 years). A couple things come to mind as to why I am not advancing:
  1. I'm poorly communicating my past experiences/skillset
  2. The hiring managers are looking for a very niche/specific type of PM (if its a <insert niche like consumer mobile, retention, growth, platform> role, and I don't have explicit <niche> experience, I don't advance)
  3. I've been overleved and should be applying to PM roles not Senior PM roles
Does anyone have advice for things I can do during the interview process to advance? Or other things I may not be considering as reasons I'm not advancing? 

Any insights are really appreciated!
sourmilkTechnical Program Manager a year ago
Given the number of interviews you have had with Hiring Managers, you probably have a decent sense of the type of questions they would ask. If not already, it would be a good idea to prepare a list of stories (that speak to your product sense, accomplishments, challenges, conflict management etc.) in STAR format. Listing out key metrics and other data points to reinforce your stories. All these details will help you be prepared to structure your responses better.
19g6vkwgom9c4Product Manager a year ago
Thank you, this is helpful!



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