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How to best parse multiple recruiter requests?

I’m casually looking for a new job, and set my recruiter visible LinkedIn status to “Open To Work.” I forgot how overwhelming this flood of requests is - Does anyone have tips on how best to handle these?

I have a few things I know I want/don’t want out of my next role (in addition to comp, obviously). Do I just templatize this, and respond to every one? Should I even bother with this approach, or turn off the status and reach out to companies myself?

Any advice would be welcome!
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Personally, I say take the time to go through them all if you see they sent a somewhat personal message. If its a copy and paste job, feel free to reciprocate that energy. I know some people are very strict about how they approach this and my main things are: 1) I am looking for 'THE' job, not a job. The more applications I have out there, the more options I have to pick from. 2) Protect my time. I reciprocate the energy the recruiters give me. If they wrote a very good note and seem interested in talking, I have a hunch they will go above and beyond to help me help them. If they are sending a automated "role in x city, are you free for a call"- I send them a generic response and see if they even follow up. 3) I forward opps to other people if I pass on them because idk, good karma