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Computer Engineering 2 years ago

A roadmap for my Undergraduate

I have just begun my undergrad in Computer Science. Could you give me some sort of a roadmap that I could follow through my Undergraduate years and bag a good job.
JVLbaG76u3VzAb289dComputer Science at University of Alabama at Birmingham2 years ago
Mainly you want to focus on two things. Internships and personal project experience.
Most important: Look for internships every summer. Easiest way to get a job coming out is getting a return offer from you internship. Even if you don’t get a return offer, you internships can carry your resume for other companies. The hardest part is getting your first internship, you can try to polish your resume with some small projects, leadership positions, or freshman hackathons.
Second: School projects are a good way to easily get projects on your resume. You can further develop them by adding additional features and stuff. Hackathons are also a great way to get experience and connections.
Third: leetcode,

Biggest advice is to do everything earlier than you expect. Don’t be like me. I was really lazy and lost out on opportunities because of procrastination. Just do things slowly but always be doing something :) goodluck!



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