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I'll be starting my masters in ITM(data science & AI) in fall 24 from Illinois tech chicago. What skills should I work on now that'll help me land an internship 8 months from now? Not a great coder/profile rn.
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Get your skills up in coding, this is an absolute must to compete in the far majority of top talent international hires which is basically at all decent tech companies. This is not to dismay you, but you need to work very hard to get your skills up to compete in this playing field. I must let you know, if you are born in the USA and you do not have a hardcore east asian family origin ... most likely you're a hobbyist and did this bc you enjoy it. This is not your competition, your competition is brutal raw talent from the best of the best internationally ... And you have to prepare for this bc no matter how well you did in schooling ... You're NOT competing with these people, you are competing with the international best at decent to high tier companies. You can do it, but work on your coding skills, develop a path break it down into accomplishable tasks and learn to build your own code and be able to interview. Take all related work experience opportunities
gr8trSoftware Engineerย ย 
The fact that you made it into a masters degree program at a university for ML/AI means you must have quite a few ducks in a row. Keep it up, strengthen your coding knowledge and make sure you understand all the software pkgs you need, how you put them together, and how you get results / make a product out of the whole thing put together.