ESCape in  
Mechanical Engineering a year ago

Microsoft new-grad roles?

Hi everyone. I'm graduating in May with my Master's in mechanical engineering. My dream job is working at Microsoft. In previous years they've posted full-time jobs for "recent grads" by now, but I dont see anything like that posted for mechanical engineers.

I know the industry isn't hiring a ton, but I figure my best bet is reaching out to a recruiter. Does anyone know a recruiter for microsoft that recruits mechanical engineers? Most on linkedin seem to be for CS.

Charris2425Finance at Southern University and A&M Collegea year ago
New grad roles are filled. They open up the same time as internships. Your best bet is network with an employee you can be friends with so they can refer you & tell you who the hiring manager is for full time roles.
ESCapeMechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon Universitya year ago
Dang okay thank you. They never posted any new grad full time roles for mechEs. I guess it’s because of the state of the tech industry.