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Advice for someone who just got their Associates degree?

Hi all. This is my first time posting in this platform, so apologies if my content is different than the content of this platform, not sure what to expect.

To keep it short, i just graduated with my A.A.S in Computer Programming from my local community college, and i am currently working as a entry level web developer/master for a consumer electronics company. 
At my job i generally do a lot of low level web stuff, quite literally just making small things with css and js... thats really it. The rest of my job consists of more marketing/content management of the website through a cms. The pay is not great... to the point where i actually took a paycut coming from my retail job to this. 
Of course i am glad i have this oppurtunity... doing something closely related to my desired career, which is software development. 

Any advice for someone who is looking to fill an entry level role? I will be honest, my degree is computer programming... not software developement. Meaning syntaxically, i can write Java, C#, JS, etc and make simple business MVC style apps all day long... but i am not at the level of actual development, that i know.

I am looking to eventually pursue furthering education, but as of right now i am a little more focused on attempting to work and gain experience. 

So as a summary: Any advice for someone looking to transistion from webdev to SE/SD, with an A.A.S in programming, and a generally solid grasp of OOP and business enterprise application development?

Thank you for your time.
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WaigongCainSoftware Engineer  
Go get that bachelors bruh
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Go get a solution architect cert and make 125k



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