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GPT-4 outperforms its rivals in new AI benchmark suite GPT-Fathom

ByteDance and the University of Illinois researchers have developed an improved benchmark suite with consistent parameters, called GPT-Fathom, that indicates GPT-4, the engine behind the paid version of ChatGPT, significantly outperforms leading LLMs, including its biggest competitor, Claude 2.

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GPT-Fathom's breakthrough

  • The new benchmark suite, GPT-Fathom, addresses consistent settings issues and prompt sensitivity, attempting to reduce inconsistencies in LLM evaluation.
  • In a comparison using GPT-Fathom, GPT-4 outperformed over ten leading LLMs, crushing the competition in most benchmarks, and showing significant performance leaps from GPT-3 to its successors.

Performance specifics

  • The gap in performance was especially pronounced against Claude 2, ChatGPT's biggest rival.
  • GPT-4's Advanced Data Analysis model exhibited superior performance in coding, giving it an edge as compared to LuckLlama 2, the current best-performing open-source model.
  • Llama 2-70B showed comparable or better performance than gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 in safety and comprehension but displayed worse performance in "Mathematics", "Coding", and "Multilingualism".

The seesaw effect

  • The research team noted a 'seesaw effect' where an improvement in one area can lead to degradation in another.
  • For instance, GPT-4 saw a performance drop on the Mathematical Geometry Simple Math (MGSM) benchmark, despite improving its performance significantly on text comprehension benchmark DROP.


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