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RiotElesΒ inΒ Β 
Production Software EngineerΒ atΒ Riot Games2 months ago

πŸ‘Š Riot Games is hiring πŸ‘Š

From UX design to software engineers, and more, Riot is currently hiring for many open roles!

If you are a fan of the games (Apex, League, Wild Rift, etc), the Netflix series Arcane, or just a music junkie like me, there's a lot to look forward to as Riot continues to evolve and grow. Come join the team!

Apply now:Β https://riot.com/3NU3eCX

pinnacae1Software EngineerΒ 2 months ago
What levels are you guys looking to hire? I'm a swe with 8 yoe in cloud (AWS). Would love to work with you guys!
RiotElesProduction Software EngineerΒ atΒ Riot Games2 months ago
Hi! We are hiring for all levels right now. We've had some big wins the last few years and I would say most teams are hiring for something. If you're looking for senior roles, there are a ton in the engineering group open right now. This one might be a good fit for your experience if you haven't had a chance to look yet. It's in our Esports div- https://www.riotgames.com/en/work-with-us/job/4593819/staff-software-engineer-esports-bellevue-usa