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Advice Needed: Mechanical or Hardware Engineering?

I'm currently an MEP Design Engineer looking to transition into a more exciting field. I'm torn between focusing my job search on traditional mechanical engineering roles or exploring opportunities in hardware engineering, particularly in AI or companies producing physical products. Any advice on where to direct my efforts? Share your thoughts on staying with mechanical engineering or venturing into hardware engineering, or suggest other positions and companies. Feel free to mention salary and benefit expectations as well. Your insights are greatly appreciated!

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My biased vote is Hardware Engineering, especially if you're interested in AI/physical products. I'm not as privy to traditional mechanical engineering, but I imagine the industry is a lot more old school and a lot of hardware engineering for tech companies tends to pay really well
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I agree, Hardware Engineering sounds promising, especially with the potential for better pay and stock options in public tech companies. My only hesitation is about the job market and whether it's a safe move. Do you have any insights on that?