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Updated List of Competitive APM Programs?

I'd love to hear this community's picks of the most valuable APM programs from the perspective of a new grad (up to you to define "valuable": could be a mix of impact, networking opportunities, compensation, etc.). All the articles and posts I see of APM program lists do mention several (Google, Facebook, Uber, and Twitter are perhaps the most commonly cited), but miss many incredible programs like Roblox, Duolingo, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Asana, etc.

Furthermore, I'm very curious to see if anyone has a "best-of-the-best" list in mind, or would argue that virtually all APM programs offer a similar experience. Would Google's program still top your list, or does Roblox and LinkedIn, which allows their APMs to make a higher impact at the associate level with greater total compensation, be the new favorites?

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Check out Best of the best depends on what you’re optimizing for. I would say that it’s probably similar to what you’d look at when you’re an engineer in terms of the company size and growth projection vs stability and branding
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