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Interviewed for L5 at Amazon offered L4


Just wanted to hear some thoughts on this. I'm currently at a remote position with a small company making $105k. I have 6 years of experience and interviewed at Amazon for a remote L5 role. I did not feel that I did very well at the interview, and apparently they must have agreed. They offered me a L4 position, but it's on site. The total comp is $200k so it is significantly higher than mine right now without considering the new location's cost, moving expenses, and commute. Based on my research I'd expect it to be more like making 175k considering those things. Still a huge leap in comp.

I just don't know anything about working at Amazon. This is for the AWS division. Can anyone give me some insight into what up leveling would look like if do accept the role and how intense a L4 job at AWS could be? I enjoy my current work life balance and I'm nervous that AWS could be rough at that level.

MetamanTechnical Program Manager at Facebook2 years ago
Culture and work life balance will depend more on your specific team and your manager.

Operating well as an L4 shouldn’t be too difficult as L4 is entry level, so I wouldn’t expect anything too crazy and you can set expectations with your manager for a 18-24 month promo to L5 if that’s something you’re interested in.

But it seems like you’re getting a pay bump even at L4 without dealing with the higher expectations of L5, and you get Amazon AWS on the resume. Seems worth considering



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