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Computer Science at University of Virginiaa year ago

College Student Showing Project


I am a junior college student, and I am looking to find a product management program for full-time after I graduate. How can I showcase my project to companies that I am working on serving my community while tailoring it towards APM programs? What do I emphasize and highlight on?
konpekiProduct Manager a year ago
APM programs like to see data-driven decisions and customer focus. So I'd look on your resume to showcase what you did for your project and how you did it AND what the result was. If you can show that and show data on why you did certain things, it should go a long way.
kingXComputer Science at University of Virginiaa year ago
I see, and from the company you work for or have experience in, are there certain projects that I are overused or to stay away from? It feels as if I have to make a achievements with a company I make in college based off other APM students rather than creating a donation/charity since it is not profitable. I may be wrong, but APM at Google, RPM at Meta, etc.. seem to want these high achieving students with great amount of experience.



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