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Questions to ask hiring managers?

Hi all

I've recently been approached by a hiring manager from KSA's largest grocery retailer after discovering my Tableau Public profile.

He'd like me to join their company. From my understanding, there isn't a specific role that I need to fill. From initial conversation, it sounds like he'd like to build the role around me as he was more interested in my background and what I'm looking for. He says that there is a lot of potential for me to grow, he foresees me leading my own team, building a centre of excellence. At the moment, I've no interest in leading a team in the future, and the idea of building a CoE sounds boring. I prefer sticking to being technical and expanding my skills palette.

A bit of background:
I'm currently working in a Big 4 company for just over a year as an internal facing Data Analyst based in London, UK. I've got up to 4 years experience as a data analyst with Tableau, Alteryx and apps script skills.

The role (whatever it is) will be either fully remote in the UK, or be an expat in Saudi Arabia.

I'd like to ask the forum what people would ask the hiring manager if they were in my position?

I don't yet know what the compensation would be. I'd like to ask but don't know how to ask what the compensation would be if I were remote in the UK or if I'd be an expat in Saudi Arabia.

How would you make the most of asking the hiring manager to build a role catered to you?

I don't want to move to Saudi Arabia but the idea of being fully remote is a bit depressing. Do you think that's cause to up the salary negotiation on my part?

Interested in hearing people's opinions!

8h31nujGRecruiterย 2 years ago
I wouldn't worry about comp at this stage. This is the perfect time for you to explore what the company can offer you that satisfies YOUR interests. The questions you ask should help you determine whether the company can fulfill your needs. This is a great position to be in and ultimately, the company is trying to court you, versus the other way around. You are special!



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