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How to count PhD and internships in years of experience?

Hi all,

Looking for some advice on how can I answer the question: "How many years of work experience do you have?"

Here's my background:

Did a Master in home country (in Europe) which included 2 6-month (full-time and off-cycle) internships.

Did a 2nd Master in Canada.

Worked full time for 2 years in the tech industry (small AI lab).

Then I quit, and started a PhD. I am currently a 3rd year PhD candidate, graduating next year (that will be at the 3.5 years mark from the beginning of my PhD).

Earlier this year I did a 6 month full time PhD internship.

So what will be my total number of years of experience when I graduate from PhD and join back the tech industry?

A/ 2 years (just count full-time work)

B/ 3.5 years (2 years full-time + 1.5 years internships)

C/ 6.5 years (2 years full-time + 1.5 years internships + 3 years of PhD (not double-counting the 6-month internship earlier this year))

Quite lost here, as it seems that years of experience is a major factor when negotiating salary. Any advice is appreciated.

mashCoderComputer Scienceย 2 months ago
From what I have heard if you have a PhD then the big tech starts you at L4 instead of L3(entry-level). Not sure if all the companies do it, but may be try negotiating using that and see if it helps.