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Slack FE code review exercise details

Hi all,

I have my technical assessment with Slack coming up for a frontend role, which I've been told is a code review of a React PR. I'm curious if anybody has done this or works there and can give some insight on what sort of things they're looking to see in the review? I am pretty confident that I give good, empathetic feedback in my code reviews in my current role, but if there are any things I should focus on in order to impress those who will be reviewing my review, I'd be interested in hearing it. Thanks!

asbestosSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
i did this for backend. it was a pr for a python app with a ton of issues and areas for improvement. i tried to:
1) identify the issues
2) communicate the reason it was an issue and how to address it

the most stressful part was not knowing what they were looking for. but i kept finding stuff so i kept commenting and then eventually just ran out of things and was tired of doing it so i just finished the review.

i treated it as if it were a pr from a junior teammate, i tried to keep language positive and helpful and i also linked to docs where useful.

they moved me to the next round so i guess i did a good job.



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