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How to apply for jobs effectively

Hi, I am looking for some tips to apply for jobs. Currently, I am doing an internship. I applied for 800+ jobs and I only had 8-10 interviews. I want to avoid this struggle for full-time. I did not go for referrals nor did I contact the recruiters. Could this be a reason for the low interview rate? Also, what should be the right time to apply for these jobs? Any tips would help a lot. I am targeting 2023 full-time roles.

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From what you’re saying, 3 simple things you can do to get a 10x better response rate:

1. Have a hiring manager or experienced individual in your field review your resume and give you feedback.

2. Always get a referral if you can, even if it takes slightly longer than submitting an application.

3. Apply to roles that are a fit. Definitely apply to some stretch roles, but if you’re applying to multiple positions, tune your resume accordingly. For example, if you’re applying to PM/TPM roles vs SWE roles, make separate versions of your resume that communicate your experience appropriately for the given role.



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