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Product Managerย a year ago

Sr. TmP at AWS interview

I am scheduled to interview with the hiring manager at AWS for a sr. Tpm role. What should i expect? I was told by the recruiter that it will be behavioral and technical with questions related to system design.ย 
I do not have any system design experience beyond youtube videos and interview prep material. My 10 yoe is in embedded automotive engineering.
Should i interview or save their time and not interview?
adorableFounderย a year ago
I'd still interview because it is likely they are Out of fully qualified aws candidates because the industry is so short. eg they even have their returneeship program where they dont' care if you've been out of the market for DECADE+ - they'll still take you because they are flat out of candidates. They'll likely ask you questions to see if you've got your head on straight and can work through a complex problem. If you can do that, they can drop you into AWS mentorships and training to get your head wrapped around AWS. (Sadly, all the major cloud systems are TOTALLY not the same. Learn Azure and you'll have to retrain for AWS, G, etc. because some fool decided that not having a universal standard was going to be brilliant, and the CFO probably said we don't want to share the market.)
Auto1Product Managerย a year ago
Thank you for the detailed reply. What is the reason they are short on candidates and have such a turnover rate?