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Backend Software Engineerย a year ago

TC expectation from delta airlines for lead AWS developer with 9 years experience at Bangalore location

Hi guys,

I am going to get offer from delta airlines for their lead AWS developer. I have totalnof 9 years of experience. How much should I expect from them ? I have done some research and it says somewhere around 40-45 lakh INR.ย 

What you think should be the fair TC for this role at delta airlines (Bangalore location )?
BringitonSoftware Engineerย a year ago
I am expecting offer from DA for Senior Software Full Stack role at 6 YOE at 30-35 LPA
iambeastBackend Software Engineerย a year ago
Okay bro. I will be getting the initial offer by tomorrow and hoping to negotiate so that I can take it between 45-50 LPA. I will update you more on this soon.



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