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Final year in college, just accepted Amazon Operations Finance Rotational Program. Any advice or questions?

Received an offer from Walmart and an offer from Amazon. I'm interested in Operations Finance so those two were my top choices. Walmart offered 60k with 5k stock, Amazon 70k salary, 20k signing bonus, 50k RSU and 7k per relocation (have to relocate 3 times for this role). Would really appreciate any advice or tips about working in the business roles at a tech company. Do you still feel "tech-y"?

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So, I just finished a three year stint at Amazon as an SDE last month. What qwertyCoder said there is correct, leadership principles are frequently referenced. One of my fraternity brothers worked in finance at Amazon, but only at HQ, not as part of a rotation. He liked it well enough, said the first year was a little tough until he got the hang of it. I see your follow up question below, and in my experience, as an SDE, I had 0 work interaction with financial analyst. I frequently spoke to program managers, product managers, and business analysts, but finance was silo'd in their own world (at least in the orgs I was in.) That being said, definitely look at joining some of the affinity groups and attending some of the company hosted social events. The Amazon Connections program also helps facilitate people across various job families and levels meeting up for either random coffee chats, socialization, or mentorship.



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