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Software Engineer 2 years ago

Do you use a bunch of different tech stacks at your company?

"I’ve encountered so many teams who say that migration will happen 'next quarter.' The reality is that, even when they manage to finally start, migrations have become continuous, rather than discrete, processes. A 99% Developer team with legacy code and a lean team is probably never going to convert their entire code base over to microservices or GraphQL. For most organizations, tech stacks and tool chains are heterogeneous, a combination of the layers of languages, frameworks, and tools that have been picked up over the years."

I've generally observed that the less you see engineering as an ideal state or set of standards, and rather as a living and breathing organism in your company, the easier your life will be. Curious what other people's companies are setup like in this regard, and if you see a lot of fragmented tech stacks across the board.


Building for the 99% Developers

Building for the 99% Developers

Software development is not all clean code and automated processes -- and it never will be. Buyers and vendors both need to realize this.

SatSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
If it works and nothing is broken, I highly doubt a company would be willing to spend resources in converting legacy code to a "better" framework/language.
jinyung2Software Engineer 2 years ago
Ya the only way I could see it happening is if converting the legacy codes results in cost savings that are projected to far outweigh the resource cost of converting the legacy code base.