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Business Analyst 2 years ago

Amazon Loop

I had my loop for Amazon and recruiter reached out and said I’d be a better fit for a Program Manager role instead of Product Manager. Said that I was “offer-ready”, where pretty much I can just talk to a few different managers instead of the whole interview process again. Anyone heard of this? I really don’t want to go through another interview process especially when they already have all the data from the first.

bb13Technical Recruiter 2 years ago
I'm a former Tech Recruiter at AWS. Program Manager and Product Manager overlaps in terms of responsibilities and scope of work. It sounds like you didn't quite raise the bar as a Product Manager but they saw strong signals as a Program Manager instead. The group made an 'inclined to hire' vote as a Program Manager for you. You don't have to do any follow-up loop for Program Manager. They already made that decision. That's good. Because sometimes, the loop can still make a request for a follow-up loop to calibrate you as a Program Manager. In this case, you clearly raised the bar, which is why a follow-up loop is not needed. However, the Recruiter will have to find a team for you that has a Program Manager headcount and your domain of expertise. It's dependent on teams' needs and headcount, the team matching process can be as short as a week, and as long as months. You won't be able to get an official offer until the Recruiter can find a team for you. I hope this helps!
19g616l0r0y1viBusiness Analyst 2 years ago
Makes sense, thanks for sharing! I had seen some other posts where people had to re-interview and wanted to make sure that wasn't the case, especially because my recruiter had said it wouldn't be.