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Technical Program Manager 2 years ago

Rate Year 1 for Andy Jassy, Jeff Bezos replacement

Okay, how many of you knew who Andy Jassy was? Be honest!

Anyway, he's finished his first year. What grade would you give his ceo debut at Amazon?

Some highlights:

  • Covid-19 and record inflation
  • Stock price suffering its steepest quarterly drop since 2001
  • First quarterly loss since 2015
  • Unions, overstaffed warehouses, and empty warehouses
  • Key execs leaving (svp, vp, and Dave Clark leaves one yr after his new gig?)

I give him a 6. Amazon is still in business, global challenges are the norm these days so tough cookies.

qwertyCoderSoftware Engineer at Amazon2 years ago
Everyone in AWS would know who he was. I don't think the key execs leaving is his fault. The fact that he got promoted to CEO of all of Amazon means anyone else that was eyeing that spot (or any other positions he instated) are going to leave.