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Software Engineering Manager 2 years ago

EM or IC role to pursue


I have been an IC for the last 20 years and have served in the role of a Tech lead. A year ago I was promoted as an Engineering Manager but I am not sure whether I fully like the role at least in my current company due to a lot of process and approvals. I am inclined to going to back to IC roles preferably in a FAANG but finding it hard to clear the coding interviews since I haven't coded for 2 years. I am kind of confused what role to pursue going forward in my current company or outside. Any help or guidance will be appreciated

19g614l02vf4c6Software Engineering Manager 2 years ago
I'm in the same boat. EM for one year and like the job. But also want to get into fang. Can't go as IC because I need to do a lot of catching up, and can't go as an EM because obviously not experienced enough..



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