CyberPhantom in  
Computer Science 2 months ago

How do you apply for jobs?

I have been applying to a lot of places, only to be met with the rejection email. Some of them get to the online assessment phase but then nothing. Interviews feel scarce and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Does anyone have any advice on how to land a job in this situation. P.S. I am looking for entry level Software Engineering, Software Development, IT roles with 3 internships + 3 coding related jobs/project in my resume. I go to career fairs where people are impressed by my resume but nothing comes out of it. I graduate in May and I have been coding since 3rd grade. P.P.S. I can’t work in the company I am currently an intern at because of budget issues.
SladerHardware Engineer 2 months ago
Honestly from what I have seen is that I use a connection to get my foot in the door. Talk to a previous upperclassman that has a position and has been working there for a while. Ask for recommendations.
fugaziyoppa2009Software Engineer 2 months ago
a dumb question, but is there a template you follow when asking for a referral? or I guess I can use ChatGPT for this, but open to ideas on this