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Advice for Developer Anxiety

Hi Guys,

I am having a little bit of developer anxiety and doubt.

Quick Intro:

  • I am software developer
  • 4 years of experience.
  • Currently working as a front-end dev for the last 2 years.
  • used to work as a Full stack Dev prior to that.
  • So 2yrs as a Front End and 2 yrs as Full stack.
  • current compensation is 110K. (I know I am underpaid).

I have been studying Data structures and algo for the past 3-4months. I have a pretty decent understanding. I can complete most medium questions on Leetcode. I also have a decent understanding for system design.

Here is the source of my anxiety: I have never worked in a Tech company and I have never done anything “super complex” in front end or the back end. Neither am I a tech genius.  Even though I am fairly good at data and algos, I feel really intimated by these software developer jobs that I am interviewing for. These jobs are intermediate to senior devs, so they pay from 200K to 550K.  These numbers sounds crazy to me, I feel like my tech skills don’t deserve this kind of money.

My fear is that if I land these jobs, I will not be able to perform as they will be too fast faced for me and too difficult for me. I am willing to put the work into these jobs i.e. if it means working 12 hours days in the beginning I am down for that.

Can anyone please advice on how I should handle this? Is this something in mental? Or should do something complex in tech before applying for a job i.e. get my masters or build a crazy project?

Any advice is appreciated

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Here's the secret sauce: what you've done for the last 4 years is the same thing the guys getting paid 500k do. I had anxiety applying for internships when I was just tech support. I had anxiety applying for full time when I was getting paid $15/hr for full stack. I had anxiety about my performance review as a Jr dev. As a Mid developer being the guy everyone asks questions to, I finally realized that it's all the same.
19g616l1eh4607Software Engineer 2 years ago
Thank you so much for answer! This really really helps me! I am so stressed! Thank you much!



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