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Early Internship?

Hey everyone! Im going to be a freshman this fall at RIT in their Software engineering program and i was hoping to see if anyone had any advice on getting an internship following my freshman year vs following my sophomore year like most students do? I just completed 2 college programming courses in Java and Python to prepare myself for this degree program, and i know that data structures and algorithms are huge during the interview process. Thanks for any and all tips!
NCepoUHd3ln2Software Engineerย 2 years ago
Congrats! RIT is a great school. A few tips that can help: 1) Get familiar with your career centers, both at the college level and at the university level. They will be excited to learn more about you and hopefully direct you to other resources on campus that can give you a competitive edge. 2) Manage your expectations. It's tough for first year students to get internships because you're competition against upperclassmen who probably have more experience than you and are more mature. That plays a big part of the soft skills companies expect you to have. 3) Join clubs and if you have professional or software specific associations on campus like IEEE, Women in Tech, etc. join them and consider running for a position when elections roll around. Even volunteering to join a committee or something is better than just showing up to an event. Sometimes companies hold specific workshops if they are targeting specific skills or demographics.



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