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Bad Job in Good Company or Good Job in Bad Company

Hello everyone! I am currently in a position where I have two offers.

  • Amazon - Business Analyst:
  • Mid level company (>10B revenue yearly, established company) - Data Scienist

The pay for both roles is quite similar. However, a DS at amazon would make more than at this mid level company and the long term options for DS are better at amazon. But as I do not have the DS offer thats irrelevant for now.

I am unsure which one would be the better option at this stage for me. I am a recent graduate and I really like working at amazon (did an internship there). However, the work I would do there is not as data science concerened as in the other company and I fear that I would eventually end up being a "business person". I do not mind doing this work for some time but I would like to switch to DS eventually.

What would you do in my position?

Edit: Thank you everyone! To clarify some questions from the comments

  • Bad company means in this context no brand name plus I feel like that company is dying in the long run. I am in Germany and this company can be considered to be a competitor of amazon, but internationally its unknown (otto group if you want to search them)
  • In the bad company I would get more cash (no bonus, no stocks) than with amazon. The total comp. is quite similar
19g616kynq7inzSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
11 years and still struggling to get work in my preferred domain of NLP. Go for Amazon. Brand name will be valuable later. I worked in multiple startups, fought a lot to get correct projects, still struggling.
19g615l16x8854Full-Stack Software Engineerย 2 years ago
This is the way. One brand name with "large" projects goes a long way.