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Software Engineer a year ago

Where to find jobs at startups

Im a SWE with ~3 YoE at a big company and have always wanted to start/join an early stage company. However, how do people filter out "good" companies to work at (e.g. product market fit has been found, etc)? I know theres AngelList but there's so many companies and im curious about peoples' filtering strategies. 

Note: i dont plan on making this jump until the market improves, so dont worry
spiderm0nkeySoftware Engineer at Snowflakea year ago
I try to cross check on sites like Crunchbase. Idk if you've been on there before. My usual process is: 1) Find company on Angellist 2) Check them out on Crunchbase to see when they've been funded last, who their investors and founders are, etc 3) I go on tech crunch to see if there's been any recent news about them (or their founders) to make sure there's nothing scandalous or weird going on. 4) Go on reddit and HN to see what people might be saying about their culture or market or whatever else I can find. 5) Just explore the rabbit holes, you never know what you'll find if you spent a solid hour or two digging into the weeds



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