svdemitrius7 in  
Management Consultant 2 years ago

How many lateral moves did you make before you moved up a level?

I’m a 28 and at a crossroads 😰

About a year and a half ago I went to a start up, got great pay, but didn't move the needle on my title. If anything, maybe downgraded since the company is small, and now, isn't doing so great.

In the last stages of a new role at Bain as a consultant now 👍. Honestly, it's an entry-level role but I figure the name was worth another lateral move. Thats 3 jobs around the analyst/snr analyst level in the last 5 years. Am I screwing myself over by doing this again?

veritasSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
*Insert one of those squiggly career graphics here* Early on in my career, I made a couple of lateral moves until I landed my first swe role. I went from accounting roles to swe after 4 diff companies. That took about 6ish years. Happy I made the moves I did, made great contacts along the way. As long as you're open to the challenges and roll with the punches, you'll be fine. Plus, we were technically still in a global shutdown due to COVID so all things considered, you're gainfully employed dude. Chin up
svdemitrius7Management Consultant 2 years ago
Honestly, thats a great perspective. 🤝