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Any referral for a self taught dude


I'm kind of in a rough spot right now, so what I'm looking for is any dev which might refer me if they know of any opening that could match.

Recruiter seems to hate my profile for whatever reason, so 99% of the time I don't get a tech interview, even if the 1st one goes very well.

I have almost 4yoe, europe based (can move anywhere in europe, or US if visa). Did 3 years of reverse engineering & c++ dev.

Did quite a bit of direct3D, windows kernel dev, custom processor on fpga, pci-express, my own debugger, c#, linux custom infra, etc...

Lots of fun personal projects, just ask me if you want a resume or github link.

Any tip also appreciated of course.


paradoxxxxSecurity Software Engineerย a year ago
You can also try this site https://refermarket.com/ I heard they got many active referrers from companies that are still hiring.
shadow93Product Managerย a year ago
Was gonna post this too. This site was really great.



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