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Data Analyst 2 years ago

Negotiating Year-End Salary Increase

I switched jobs last year & since then inflation and demand has really taken off. From the data points I'm seeing, similar positions are now hiring for 15-20% above my current salary.

We have our annual reviews coming up & my personal opinion is that I've exceeded expectations for my role. Assuming management agrees, what's the best way to go about negotiating a comp increase (salary & equity)?

Most info here is about switching firms, but I really like the company I work for. It's just tough seeing recruiter emails for 10-20% above my comp. I want to be honest and upfront with my employer, but I don't want to come off as someone who only cares about money. Any ideas?

undertoneSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
If you have any other companies that you could start the loop with (perhaps a company that reached out on LinkedIn for example), entertain those conversations and ask for the comp band. Then go back and be like “A few companies had reached out to me earlier. I want to stay here. But the market research and consistent data points from other companies are $X - $Y. I just wanted to lay it out ahead of the annual review, but I’ll defer to you for what’s reasonable yet competitive"
SaberSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
I second this. Definitely doesn't hurt to talk to recruiters and see what they're willing to pay. Schedule the talk with your manager ahead of time so he can have time to figure out your comp with his budget. Also helps to list out your achievements to prove that you're worth the salary increase :) Good luck