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Computer Scienceย atย The Ohio State Universitya year ago

Struggling to get interviews

Hi everyone, I'm a junior studying computer science at OSU, with an AI specialization. I have a good GPA and resume with two past startup internships, but I'm not getting many interviews when I apply right now. I don't really have referrals, so that might be the problem. Anyone got any tips I that might help? I recently started tailoring my resume to each job ad. I am applying to out of state companies, looking for non startups in tech.
gwendolyn1Solution Architectย a year ago
Have you spoken to your career center or any advisors in your college? Professors who do quite a bit of industry work like research, partnerships, or consulting have contacts that may be good referrals. Make friends with your profs. Take them out to get a beer or something at Little Bar or go for coffee
st1y914Data Scienceย a year ago
this might be the best idea i've seen on here. never considered trying to be friends with my professors but irl, this is how you move up the career ladder. Might be hard for undergraduates but as a ms+, this should be acceptable.