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need any suggestions/refferals ?

hello, i am currently looking for a job for a while and i am not getting any positive responses from anywhere till now. i have been looking for job from last 4-6 months and i am not just able to find even one, i have one year of experience in technical support and i am looking for a role in technical/product support, my last working day was in feb 2023, i don't know at this point what should i do,

i am applying daily, i also gave tcs nqt it exam and got 70%, i am modifying my resume for jobs which i want, updating profiles. if anyone have any other suggestions, or if you could refer then it would be helpful.

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YUHIYOLTechnical Program Managerย ย 
What have you been using to search for jobs? linkedin, job boards, etc. ?
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linkedin, naukri, indeed, glassdoor, official websites, trying emails too