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LinkedIn Senior Front-End Engineer Loop

Hello, Levels community! I am excited to be here.

Has anyone gone through the LinkedIn loop recently for senior roles?

I have a phone screen coming up next Wednesday that I feel good about, but I'd love to start a conversation with you all if you have any tips or suggestions. The position I am interviewing for is for a senior front-end engineer on the Flagship team.

I've gone through several loops at other companies so far. However, LinkedIn is the first where it feels like the recruiters genuinely care about your preparedness and overall feeling going into the interviews.

Looking forward to speaking with some of you all :)

19g6ul1viv5zbSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
Hey I'm a sr swe at Linkedin right now and used to do some UI work so I've shadowed on a few UI interviews. At the sr swe level, interviewers are looking for strong technical knowledge and especially good communication. You'll want to be strong at HTML & JS (object/prototype model, async/await, interacting w/ the dom etc). You'll also want to be familiar with semantic markup, common HTML attributes, and accessibility (very important to LI's UI culture). I believe there's at least 1 algorithms module as well so you should be prepared for that.



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